Save Yawkey Way!

The Phoenix Foundation has joined forces with SecretAgentMan and AnEx Publications to mount a grassroots campaign to restore the street name Yawkey Way outside Fenway Park.

Please consider helping us by doing any or all of the following:

1 Sign our petition on

2. Order one or more Yawkey Way bumper stickers from us (ordering details are soon to follow, so revisit this page - (bumper stickers will be free but donations to cover the expense of the campaign, materials and mailings will be encouraged)

3. Spread the word on social media using the hashtag #SaveYawkeyWay! and share this link to the petition page.

4. Bring a homemade sign to Fenway Park or other prominent locations and events to show your support.

5. Use your imagination! Send us your ideas and we will pass along the best ones and give You credit for them!

The Phoenix Foundation knows bad guys when we see them - we fight battles against them all the time around the world. After carefully studying the situation, we have determinied that "On The Whole" Tom and Jean Yawkey were the Good Guys! They were not perfect (no one is) but they do not deserve the level of disrespect that the history revisionists and politcally-correct crowd are heaping upon their good name. This is an intolerable injustice and "Fighting-Injustice" is at the very core of what The Phoenix Foundation was created to do. Granted that this issue is not something where we would normally choose to get involved and if it was happening in any other location, we would not be joining the fight. But, as Big Papi said "This is our Freakin Town!" and we will not let this stand without putting forth our best efforts.

Now, we hit John Henry pretty hard on our petition page because that's what you do in the heat of battle - but we wish to make it clear that even though we disagree with his view and believe he has ulterior motives; his actions do not reach the level where we can classify him as one of the "Bad Guys". Our view is that he is just a misinformed good guy who is not from our area and has no right to interfere with the Yawkey legacy. Having money and temporarily owning some local real estate (Fenway Park) does not give him the moral authority to judge our shared past. He picked the wrong fight. As we said, we don't believe he is being straight with us on his real motivation or his end game. But that's ok - may the best man, woman, organization or position win out. The Phoenix Foundation will accept the ultimate result in time.

We respect the opinion of our brothers and sisters in the minority and black populations who by right should have the best and most prominent seats at this table discussion. It is our hope that a great many of you will choose to forgive Mr. Yawkey for his sins and to grant him redemption. Without the support of a good many of you, this cause is lost. If so, we will understand and step aside. We have lost before and will again - in our opinion, the important thing is to take a stand and justify it. We hope to meet our maker with a clear conscience.

Here is The Yawkey Foundation's response to this controversy.

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